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 New Admin Commands

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PostSubject: New Admin Commands   Sat Dec 22, 2012 4:11 am

Level 1
Player: ip, getinfo
Vehicle: fix, addnos
Tele: saveplace, gotoplace
Adm: onduty, adminarea, useskin,dontuseskin
Other: morning, miniguns

Level 2
Player: weaps, ping
Vehicle: tcar
Adm: setmytime, saveskin
Other: lconfig, reports, richlist

Level 3
Player: spawn, highlight,burn
Player: laston, warn, slap
Vehicle: flip
Tele: goto
Adm: lmenu, screen, announce2, screen
Other: wanted, jailed

Level 4
Player: giveweapon, setcolour, disarm, jetpack, fu
Player: (un)mute, lspec, lspecoff
Vehicle: acar, abike, aheli, aboat, aplane, lspecvehicle
Tele: vgoto, lgoto
Adm: clearchat, write, announce, (un)lockcar

Level 5
Set: set(skin/weather/world/interior/gravity)
Player: duel, akill, aka, kick, explode, (un)jail
Vehicle: carhealth, carcolour, givecar
Tele: teleplayer, move
Other: aweaps, invisible, visible

Level 6
Set: set(health/armour/wanted/name/time/ping)
All: setallskin, armourall, setallskin, setallwanted, setallweather, setalltime, setallworld
All: giveallcash, giveallweapon, clearallchat, healall, disablechat
Player: ubound, caps, (un)freeze, force, eject, (s)removecash
Vehicle: car, vget
Tele: moveplayer ,get ,gethere, moveplayer
Other: gps, lcam, lammo, countdown

Level 7
All: Spawnall, ejectall
Player: cage, crash
Adm: spam ,botcheck ,fobidname ,forbidword
Other: uconfig, die

Level 8
All: muteall, unmuteall, getall, killall, freezeall, unfreezeall
All: kickall, slapalll, explodeall, disarmall
Player: ban, rban, tempban
Adm: god, godcar

Level 9
Player: fakechat ,fakedeath ,fakecmd
Other: pickup, object

Level 10
Set: set(cash/score)
All: setallscore, setallcash
Other: setpass
Adm: ctele, lockserver
Rcon: lrcon(Only Rcon Admins) (Use: /rcon /lrcon)
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New Admin Commands
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